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Monday, 28 March 2011

Exploring the Great Southwest (choose your own adventure)

This is the latest zine to come through the doors at ultra horse HQ, one of my favourites so far.
I love everything about this zine. The cover is a cut out of a map of Las Vegas, (instant cool factor) and contains photos and drawings of these three girls' travels through the Southwest of America.
Every picture makes you want to get on a plane and hire a truck and just disappear into your own dusty, sweaty American road-trip.
It's not written like a normal travel journal, it's interactive in the way that it makes you choose your own adventure, giving you options at every turn, and a for each choice, you come to a photo of your chosen path - although there always seems to be a lame choice and a not so lame choice, the lame one resulting in going back and taking the not so lame one after-all.
I love the pictures, and the insights you get into the girls personalities, which you discover are the girls you wish you'd met in high school.
Never too late!

Read this IF:

a) You want to take a road trip round America but you don't know whether to take the road trip, or buy a Subaru 2.6l Turbo.
b) You have a brain.

By Jettison press

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