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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ultra Bike makes it into Left Lion

The Ultra Gold bike as seen in the ultra horse advent calendar was photographed for it's awesomeness and put in Nottingham's finest magazine Left Lion in the January issue, go get it!!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Alt Press Fair

The fine folks at UK's Alternative Press - - - - - - put on a really well attended and well stocked fair in London this weekend - we missed out on a table..then got offered one..but didn't have our stuff - - despite being in London..for I went along to buy stuff and say hello to familiar faces. HELLO!
Folks I recommend from zine fairs past, who were at this one ...Wolfwind/BillyAB/EyeballComix/ReetComics/JoeDecie/Decadence - they all rule - google that shit!

Here's a peek:

Excitingly (is that a word?) it was confirmed a huge weekend long festival of zines and alt. press will be held next year - 28/29th May next year. EXCITING!