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Monday, 22 November 2010

Ultra Horse Tea Cups in Progress

Check these babies out.

While you kids have been out doing all your parties, I've spent the weekend in front of a potters wheel making tea cups, I managed to not break or completely spaz up four.
Coming soon to a store near you! In internet land.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


We're going to be at the Footprinters Zine Fair this Saturday:::

The Zine, Campaigns & Other Stuff Fair - 13 November 2010 - Leeds University Union, 11am - 5pm

We’re inviting all our customers from around the country, fellow co-operators and other projects and publishers we want to promote, to hold a stall at the zine and campaigns fair to show everyone what they’re up to and to sell their work.

Zine and Campaigns Fair: Leeds University Union ( tell us you are coming on facebook)

There ain't any more stall space unless you're really, really tiny or really, really unmissable, but there might be workshop space, or you could roam round with a portable stall...

Stallholders we've managed to squeeze in are:

Zine it Yourself (Newcastle)
Last Hours (Brighton)
Re-made in Leeds
Bent Bars (Leeds & London)
Hoojemaflap Distro (Brighton)
Veggies (Nottingham)
Ultrahorse/Constipated Rhythms THAT'S US!!! LOOK!!!!
AK Press (Edinburgh)
My Dance the Skull (London)
Leeds Veggie & Vegan Soc
Food co-ops & Bardon Grange
Aspire (Leeds)
Scale Trees (UK nomads)
Radical Routes (UK)
Green Action (Leeds)

Pinpusher badgemaking (Bradford)
Paper In Paper Out (Bradford)
IWW 450 (Brimingham)
Leeds Urban Harvest
Necronomicon (Whitby)
On’t Road (Leeds)
Melanie Maddison & Em & Ian Cockburn
Hyde Park Heat (Leeds)
Lippy/FemSoc/ Split Peaches
Dissident Island
Dealer Comics (Coventry)
Fenella Earle
Imagination Required
Cubesville (Bradford)

Leeds Surrealist Group
Godhaven (Leeds)
West Yorks Hunt Saboteurs
Black Dogs Art Collective (Leeds)
Leeds ABC
Yorkshire Zapatistas
Dysophia/Corporate Watch
Shift Magazine (Manchester)
Teesside Zines (Stockton)
Waste Chasers Workers Co-op
Paperback Workers Co-op (London)
Ethical ConsumerWorkers Co-op
Funky Raw (UK)
Spiral Skratch (Leeds)
Jeez Louise (Leeds)

the recycled paper industry, zine making, preparing artwork for Footprint, workers co-ops, intro to direct action, comic-drawing session /flickbook thing, Guerrilla Gardening/Freeconomy

There is also going to be a film room and zine readings - bring along stuff to show and read.

- --- ---- --- - - ----

Going to be ace!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ultra Halloween Horse

It's fair to say we had fun this halloween.
We hung out at Hello Thor's Hello Gore night at the Nottingham Contemporary.
It had Arts and Farts.

Anne dressed as a box of cereal - A CEREAL KILLER RIGHT?

The costume - despite being great - was impractical to wear - but practical to use as..a table etc..

Here's an official photo of the evening proving what a lark it was: LINK-O-RAMA
It's an ironic boob stare by the way.



Thanks to those buying up their Ultrahorse Christmas Gifts (c) via Etsy and Big Cartel - JUMP ABOARD PEOPLE!